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Identify the Right Footing

Ascend helps you identify and address business, legal and investment considerations. 

We Can Do it All

We have many years of experience with projects all over the world and can help you structure your business. Let us know your goals and your partner and financier criteria. In appropriate instances with the right structure we can also help you obtain financing.

Fund Formation

Through our partners we maintain exclusive business relationships that can help with the creation of cost-effective fund structures. This enables us to efficiently provide highest quality service to our clients. In the establishment of a fund, we will help you navigate the complex fund formation issues from beginning to end. We strive to make the complex simple. Contact us for specific details regarding your company and projects.

Fund Management

After a project fund is qualified and established, Ascend can help you manage the fund. We employ top legal, accounting, and service firms to help ensure a fund experiences little to no downtime, and to help ensure your project goals are met.  Ascend’s goal is to provide you with peace of mind. We may also help you manage existing funds. 

Business Advising & Consulting

We have extensive experience with clients large and small. Some clients are not prepared to engage full-time legal counsel or business managers in relevant strategic functions. You may require assistance with business plans, preparing contracts, understanding local requirements, structuring shareholding, strategy, and more. Find out how we can help you.

Pure Advisory

In many instances, it can be useful to have advice on your project plans before spending resources. We are always eager to help our clients on new or ongoing matters however we can, even if our service does not include structuring or establishing a fund.  

Investment & Fundraising

While securing funding or investment for clients is not our primary business, we frequently work with firms that do.  Send us a description of your company or project. 


Take Your Project To The Next Level


Embarking on a new project is an exciting venture but also fraught with challenges. From securing adequate funding and obtaining government approvals to navigating legal hurdles and operational risks, the process can be overwhelming. These issues can potentially derail even the most promising projects, causing delays, financial loss, and missed opportunities.


We offer a streamlined solution to these challenges by providing part-time or project-based general counsel services, strategic business consulting, and risk management. Our extensive experience enables us to tailor cost-effective structures for your project, attract the financing and partnerships you need, and help you navigate complex legal and regulatory landscapes with confidence.

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