Ascend Fund Manager

Daniel Lett

Daniel Lett’s remarkable journey in the world of logistics and supply chain management is a testament to innovation and transformation. Armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Economics minor from Purdue University, he embarked on a career that would redefine efficiency and cost reduction.

Daniel’s story began at UPS, where he showcased a knack for process optimization. Over time, he saved the company millions through innovative thinking and meticulous attention to detail. His impact was felt across various roles, solidifying his reputation as a logistics wizard.

A new chapter unfolded at CEVA Logistics, where Daniel excelled in carrier management and transportation solutions. His visionary strategies catapulted a brokerage operation from $22 million to an impressive $150 million in revenue. He navigated complex regulatory terrain, achieving significant fines reductions and building a vast carrier network.

The Home Depot presented Daniel with his greatest challenge yet. As General Manager of Import Distribution Operations, he managed the startup of multiple distribution centers, achieving operational excellence in record time. His expertise ensured seamless product flow across the company’s extensive supply chain.

Daniel ventured into entrepreneurship, creating a business plan for Iron Horse Rail Car Manufacturing. His vision attracted over $200 million in LOIs for year one production, leaving an indelible mark on the energy resource industry.

Leading global logistics at Melaleuca – The Wellness Company, Daniel orchestrated substantial cost reductions, transitioning the company to a just-in-time inventory model and saving an impressive $70 million.

In his current role as EVP Operations at Global Logistical Connections, Daniel continues to reshape the industry. His digital transformation initiatives and automation strategies have improved efficiency and cut costs. Inventory management is more effective, and delivery costs have been significantly reduced.

Beyond his career, Daniel’s involvement in industry organizations and media recognition showcases his expertise. His story inspires and captivates, underscoring his pivotal role in shaping a more efficient future for supply chain management.